Things to avoid – Chilion Jolokia

There are certain booms in the beginning part of a market when products or services have already entered users wallets, the market is in an ascending path, the number of users and buyers are growing – and somewhere around this point turn up providers who are creating products or producing services to with lower quality for the same amount of selling price.

A jar of Chilion Jolokia on a table
The cap of Chilion Jolokia

Now, this is what happened in the Hungarian chilli and chilli sauce primary producers market. I have been following this market since 2005 or so, buying products from lots of producers, visiting farmers’ markets and, chilli festivals – I even became a member of the jury of a chilli sauce contest. Continue reading


How to use 10-minute-burn

After 3 years, it's half full
After 3 years, it’s half full

It’s been really a long time until I managed to figure it out. Really.

I bought a bottle of it back in 2010 I think, and I still have half of that. And although I do have something like 30 different chilli sauces around in the house at a given time – it is still a shame. But, to tell the truth, I don’t really like it. Continue reading