Feta in olive oil and spices – at home

Since I’ve decided to eat much less meat I kind of developed a very strong liking towards cheeses. We go to the local grocery every Thursday and buy loads of different types of it.

I have always loved them and the different approaches to create something more exciting then the actual one on the plate. I’ve already showed you how to make nakládaný hermelín, this time I made something similar, but without Camembert.

cheese and oil
Cheese in oil

It’s not that hard, and it doesn’t take more than an hour to do. Continue reading


Pingo doce – Tempero para Frango

When a friend of mine travels abroad, I am mostly given a little culinary present when they return.

This time it was Heni and Suhi – and they went to Portugal for a couple of days. And the present was two little things, one of them a Pingo doce product, the so called Tempre para Frango. Well, I don’t speak Portuguese, so I could only use Google translate to figure out what that was – and obviously I had started to use it prior to figuring out what that is.

Anyway, that’s how it goes, so I used it a couple of times as a spread on my morning sandwiches. And on tortillas for lunch.

pingo doce
Sauce on tortillas

And I wasn’t really satisfied. It is too salty, it is supposed to be mixed with garlic – and it is, only that kind of plastic the whole flavour. Then came the idea to translate it with the translator – and I realized that it was seasoning for chicken. Continue reading

Mashed potatoes with something extra

It’s one of the easiest things to do and one can vary it as differently as he or she just wants.

I do have time for experiences – at least I’m not disturbed by the different match times of ManUtd. The trouble is when your team no longer compete in different leagues and cups that you can easily get bored. It’s only the beginning of February and no FA Cup, no League Cup – and I’ve already started to miss United. (And more then ever, because my cable network suspended the channel that shows Premier League matches – they are in talks now about a new contract. And streams are not that good to watch…)

potatoes, broccoli, garlic
Potatoes with broccoli and garlic

So, it seems like it’s one match per week – and yeah, Champions League may not bring any relief, given our performances. Continue reading

Traditional Hungarian – goose leg with braised cabbage and potato

Goose leg on the plate, St. Martin's day
Goose leg on the plate, St. Martin’s day

So, it’s the 11th of November and it’s St. Martin’s day all over the world. Here in Hungary it’s a traditional feast day and it’s also the day of the new wine. Everyone enjoys it except for poor geese as they are mostly displayed on the table.

This was the first time I decided to make a dish at home for this occasion and it was goose leg with potato and braised cabbage. As it is the first time I met goose in the kitchen I chose a simple recipe, but it turned out to be a good one. Continue reading

Pickled eggs with chilies

I’v been planning it since I first saw the picture of a jar, packed with boiled eggs – and this last weekend was the day when I was ready for.

Pickled eggs are rather easy to make – boil the eggs, put them in a jar, pour vinegar on the stuff and ready. And it probably tastes good – I don’t know, ’cause I’ve never tried it. Only, I loved the picture of it, so I decided to make my own jar on the HMC way.

All in one jar - plus the eggs
All in one jar – plus the eggs

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Nakládaný hermelín – cheese in a jar

The title means something like layered cheese – as far as I know hermelin is a type of cheese in the Czech Republic, made in the town of Sedlčany. It is sold throughout the country under different brands but rather hard to buy elsewhere.

nakladany hermelin
Nice looking layers…

But don’t worry, the cheese is quite the same as a Camembert. It has a soft, spreadable inside and covered with mold.

But what is it for? Continue reading