Things to avoid – Chilion Jolokia

There are certain booms in the beginning part of a market when products or services have already entered users wallets, the market is in an ascending path, the number of users and buyers are growing – and somewhere around this point turn up providers who are creating products or producing services to with lower quality for the same amount of selling price.

A jar of Chilion Jolokia on a table
The cap of Chilion Jolokia

Now, this is what happened in the Hungarian chilli and chilli sauce primary producers market. I have been following this market since 2005 or so, buying products from lots of producers, visiting farmers’ markets and, chilli festivals – I even became a member of the jury of a chilli sauce contest. Continue reading


It’s jam season!

I can hardly wait this part of the year with all those different fruits ripening one by one. Last year I found a very easy chilli jam recipe, only a couple of ingredients needed to make it:

  • jam sugar
  • red pepper
  • cider vinegar
  • chilis

I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it. Most of the people just wanted more and more but my sources and the quantity were limited.

Apricots to the jam

So this year I’ve decided to take a step forward – and this is the first try in the series – ’cause I’m planning to vary the ingredients and their amount so there must be various jams this summer on the table… Continue reading