A reasonably planned stadium

Among all the unnecessary stadium buildings here in Hungary, one can find a rather interesting one.

As opposed to the monumental ones around the country, there is the one built in Győr that was built by (mostly) the owner’s and sponsors’ money, so they did not have to pay and represent over.

As far as I know, the local government provided the area for the stadium, and one sponsor paid for the plans and for the construction.

And they managed a stadium with two stands on the two sides of the pitch, with a hotel on the third one, and with the possibility of a forth stand on the forth side. This is an image from above he pitch from a room on the fifth level of the hotel.

Panorama of the stadium of Győri ETO
Panorama of the stadium of Győri ETO

It is not big, it is not governmentally monumental, it is built from the money of the club for the supporters of the club. Dot.

If and when the club makes progress in the Europa League or in the Champions League and that provides money for development, they can build another stand.


Why I don’t watch Hungarian football

Mostly because I am fed up. Like hell.

Hungarian football is very much the same as Hungarian economy – at least economy presented by the bloody government. Unorthodox policies led us to a corner where there’s no exit – only the nice picture the leaders and the Hungarian National Bank show us.

But behind, behind it’s rotten to the roots.

What can you see? New stadiums and new academies everywhere. Stadiums built from the taxpayers money – instead of building hospitals. New stadiums for third level teams where there are no more than 150 (!) visitors per matchday. It is not really better in the first division either: the newly built stadium of Debrecen is mostly empty week by week. Just like the FTC one.

A good choice, Dardai
A good choice, Dardai

The stadium of Felcsút invites 3500 to every match – and something like 100 turns up. Nevermind, the prime minister lives next to it. Precisely. On the other side of the road.

Academies? A recent research into the Hungarian youth academy system shows that these simply cannot live up to the requirements. They are nowhere near to the European examples. Our prime oligarch, Orban said that the Academy of Felcsút is in the first ten in Europe. That research shows that it’s not even in the first eight in Hungary…

It’s beautiful but if you scrape the surface – you can’t find anything. And the results show that. There are only a couple of Hungarian players in the top leagues of Europe, but no one in a top team. No Hungarian manager or trainer in top leagues (and not one even close to that). Our teams are beaten by almost anyone in international cups.

Very rarely I sit down to watch a match in the first league – but I mostly give it up after less than ten minutes. The speed is very slow, it’s really like slow motion. Funny, in a way. Continue reading

Hungary and the democracy – Paks

Just to  make it clear, I’m not a physicist, so I’m not an expert in nuclear power. I only know that this is something that can provide us with quite cheap energy – but the price can only be counted if you know the result. I mean it can be really cheap, but if there’s an accident, you can loose everything.

But I don’t want to talk about that aspect.

Created by repavalleszurtnyul in protest against Paks (http://repavalleszurtnyul.tumblr.com/)

I’m not a friend of nuclear power and nuclear plants, I would prefer the renewable energy – and I really think that this is the way towards humanity should go. Humanity and especially countries with so dependant economies as Hungary’s. Continue reading

Cooking, learning, football and other things

When I realized that I wanted to write a blog in English I soon found out that I need another one. This one is about chillies and cooking (it all started with the chillies, yeah) – and I have another hobby (or obsession, rather) football (soccer?) and Manchester United, and that calls for another blog.

For half a year it’s been working well, I managed to post here and there (almost) evenly, once a week on either side. But as I have a blog in Hungarian, too, and with our second daughter growing and demanding more and more attention, so there’s a lot to do, well, suddenly I had no time and I just saw that there are no fresh things – nor here, neither there.

eggs in a saucepan
Here we go – it all started with some eggs this time

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