Sunday lunch burger

I realized that I have two burger patties in the freezer, so I had to thaw them and eat a nice burger. Nothing more to say, really.

I sliced a little purple onion and a jalapeno, cleaned some spring onions, added two slices of tomato and fried one of the patties. After the frying, turned down the heat, and while I added some minutes to the patty on the cutting board I toasted the inside of the bun (well, first I cut it into two halves).

burger ingredients
All I had for a burger

And there was my burger. (I hope you notice the not so secretly hidden kitchen towel on the picture…)

The Sunday lunch with a kitchen towel in the background

Jalapeno tapas

Well, I can’t really think something easier than this. It’s quick to make and need no real preparations.

What you need is a couple of jalapenos, cheese, oil and salt.

Just simply wash the chilis thoroughly, preheat the oil in a frying pan, then put the jalapenos in. Just remember, the oil has to be really hot, so when you put the chilis in it has t sizzle. Fry for something like five or six minutes, until those are almost burnt.

jalapeno tapas
Small but hot and spicy

When you feel like they are ready, put them on a paper towel to drip down the oil, salt it, put the cheese on, and you can serve them.

I was a little bit late with the cheese so it wasn’t really melted – so just take care of the timing.