Steamed broccoli with lemon butter – and Norwich, away

It’s Saturday, early afternoon and I’m going for a really easy one – the next day, Sunday will be my day with a good matchday program with Premier League football and NFL on from the afternoon till midnight and more. So it’s just a bit of broccoli with lemon butter – a good try for my vegetarian days. And the green broccoli goes well with Norwich’s yellow and green…

And once again a tricky away game, and we know that, last time here United lost 1-0 in the PL. Norwich is can be hard to beat, oh, yeah, although this year they’re showing sings of inconsistency and that loss in the blue part of Manchester is horrible for them.

Prior to the game we went to Metro, to buy salmon for the next day’s menu, so we just popped in for the kick-off. By the time I sliced the broccoli and put the florets into the saucepan to steam it, ten minutes had gone from the match, and United’s possession is almost eighty percent in the game. But after something like 8-10 minutes in the saucepan – it’s Norwich pressing in front of our goal – and a couple of DDG saves are keeping us level, only. Add salt, pepper or other desired seasoning to the broccoli for the flavour.

butter and lemon
Butter and lemon in the saucepan

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Like an egg salad – v Stoke, away, League Cup

So normally it would be an easy game, exactly like making an egg salad.

But these are different times for me and for United, as well – Moyes is learning and so am I. I thought I’d known a couple of thing around cooking – and I thought I’d known how to cook an egg. [And Young almost scored a screamer right now… Only he hit the side of the net.]¬†So normally a game against Stoke would be a hard one, but most of the time won by routine, even with the B side.

Cooked eggs
Peeling wasn’t that easy…

As I would cook some eggs by routine – or I should say “boil” some eggs. ‘Cause so far I boiled eggs, not cooked them. So this is the first time when I put the eggs in a saucepan, covered with cold water, then bring it to the boil over high heat – and as soon as ¬†possible. Then I remove the pan from the heat and let the eggs stand in the pan for about twelve minutes, as these are middle sized eggs. [So, I have time to watch I so far not that convincing United, where there’s still not much creativity.] Continue reading