Germination after two weeks & the derby

Seems like United are on the up – and so are my little plants. Not all of them, but at least half of every little plate started to grow. As United started to produce some decent (or better) performances, my plants started their life…

Anyway, a couple of times we’ve already thought that the team had turned a corner, but this time it feels a bit different. There were two really good performances where not only the results were acceptable but the spirit of the team and the players’ state of mind.

Propagators in a row
Propagators in a row

Now, I don’t think we’re all right now – especially not now, when this time it’s the game against City. But the mood is rather good now for a big, big, big result for the team and for the manager. Now is the perfect time for a famous win!

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Good old habaneros

Now this is something for the future. Seems like I’m not that big a loser and there really are a couple of chilis that can flourish in my hands.

I harvested this yesterday evening from the garden. (The coin there is the Hungarian 100 Ft coin which is quite the same as the 1 euro coin.) Under the low light I thought all of them was brown but in the kitchen I noticed that there are green areas, though those are not too wide.

first habanero
Habaneros from the garden – first harvest

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