Salt and chilli in the mill

So, if you love your salt and your chilli – why not try them together? With anything else, with whatever you feel like.

I got a present a couple of months ago from a friend of mine, a small jar of coarse-grained artisan salt and chilli mix. And I decided to put it into a salt mill, mixed with a bit of rose pepper. The latter had already been in the mill, but that wasn’t a good idea from me, because those were too soft for the mill to grain them – so the salt is kind of a helping substance to let the pepper out of the mill, in this case.

Anyway, the salt is sea salt, the chilli is probably simple Hungarian paprika from among the hot, pungent types – but all together it’s a good looking stuff. Here are the photos:

Salt with chilli

You can easily adjust the hotness by adding as many chilli pieces as you want – as this one has already been in the jar for more months, it is already mixed together very well, so it is kind of the middle-hot-styled one.

Salt with chilli
Salt and chilli in a jar

I had a bit of problem with adjusting the mill but after two days I found the right size, so now it is perfect. But I need to buy a couple of other mills in order to use with salt only, pepper only, or salt & pepper mixture for example.

Salt, chilli and pepper in the mill

Reordering the spice rack

I’d been planning that for ages, and yesterday was the time to tidy that black hole in the cupboard, where quite a lot spice and other things got lost… And, what’s more, I found a website  and web shop loaded with spices and other compliments, so I ordered a couple of things. The website is, Exotic Spices, it is a small business run by a family near Budapest. We had a little bit of a problem with the delivery, they somehow could assemble the package for next day delivery so I had to go and pick it up somewhere,  but otherwise everything was perfect.

Let’s see what they are.

spices on the table
Spices and other goodies
  • Basmati rice
  • Japanese sushi rice
  • Thai black rice
  • Chickpeas
  • Red lentils
  • Sesame seeds

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