Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

Well, Don Pepe’s is a Hungarian fast food chain that was specialized in pizzas mostly before widening their range with other different meals. I wouldn’t say they provide the very best quality but they are worthy of an order and I really can’t remember a time when I had a really great problem with any of their things.

So, they are well above average, that’s fair to say.

And they are quite an experiencing team as you can always find something new on the menu. And I was happy to realize they offer spare ribs nowadays, so I could hardly wait for the right occasion to try them.

That came last Sunday, when I ordered an XXL pizza for my daughters’ godparents – and one box of spare ribs for myself.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

After opening it wasn’t that bad, the order was at my table something like 40 minutes after I finished the call – I don’t say it was burning hot, but warm enough.

spare ribs
Spare ribs from Don Pepe’s

When I saw the food I was a little bit dissapointed, the Hungarian cut ribs contain much more meat and fat – and I was prepared for that. Anyway, it looked good, although it was obvious that it is not the saucy, dripping type. Continue reading


Predictions, Round 25 & spare ribs from Round 24

So, this time it’s a midweek round, Tuesday and Wednesday matches, and I haven’t posted a single cooking post for ages, though I have a couple of one among the drafts.

Just to make sure that I’m still living half of my life in the kitchen, I tell you what I had during Utd’s last bloody outing at Upton Park. Just as Utd I was lazy too – I watched “According to Jim” on telly and they had spare ribs, so I got the appetite for that kind of stuff. But I was lazy to prepare my homemade BBQ sauce, so we went to Lidl’s, a local grocery store, and bought brown sauce with red wine and a jar of mustard sauce with honey and poppy seeds.

And it wasn’t a complete disappointment, not at all.

I found five ribs in the freezer, let them thaw for a while (I had to use the oven, what I generally do is preheat it to something like 50 °C, and that helps a lot without baking it). So, two of them was coated with brown sauce, two of them with mustard sauce, and the last one with a chilli cream made by L’ailolive.

It was not so creamish, with small garlic pieces and long chilli strings covered in oil, but it was perfect on the rib.

I added a couple of slices of celery and one cut of a fennel just for fun – and let it rest in the oven for an hour or so, on 180 °C, sometimes turning them and sometimes pouring sauce on them.

And then enjoyed – at least this one could be enjoyed, ’cause the team wasn’t.

spare ribs and lailolive
Spare ribs with chilli cream
spare ribs on plate
Spare ribs before the oven
ribs in oven
Spare ribs in the oven

Anyway, here we go again, here are my tips for the matches, what do you think?


So, it’s the best ever point tally for me – 12 points with two perfect game! Wonderful, wonderful, carry on like that.

Matches Predictions Results Points
Arsenal v Leicester City 3-0 2-1 1
Crystal Palace v Newcastle United 1-1 1-1 3
Hull City v Aston Villa 2-0 2-0 3
Liverpool v Tottenham 2-1 3-2 2
Manchester United v Burnley 3-0 3-1 1
Southampton v West Ham United 2-1 0-0 0
West Brom v Swansea City 2-2 2-0 0
Chelsea v Everton 2-1 1-0 2
Stoke City v Manchester City 1-1 1-4 0
Sunderland v QPR 1-1 0-2 0
Total points 12
Average points/week (prior to this round) 6
Max/week 8
Most correct result/week (prior to this round) 1

Just leave your predictions here, if you feel like having a go at me! You have a form to fill in if you click more! Continue reading

FA Cup special edition – steak and new tool in the house

So, tonight it’s FA Cup 4th round time, and United travel to Cambridge for a probably tricky game against the lowest ranked team among the remaining ones.

Well, this is the FA Cup, so you never know when a team bumps into a giant-killer and again, nowadays United quite often have tough games against lower (so-called lower) teams. Cambridge play probably nice physical game with long balls as LVG said on his press conference, and it’s not always the best for us.

That is why I think it should not be Valdes’ debut game – we all remember how DDG started his career at United, and yeah, keepers really need time to adapt to the English game. Anyway, it’s the bosses decision to pick a team, but I share with you my one, and I think it should be a strong team with some players given a chance to impress, given that there’s an eight day gap until our next match vs Leicester.

De Gea

Rojo, Smalling, Jones

Valencia, Januzaj

di Maria, Fellaini, Blind

Falcao, Wilson

Subs: Valdes, Rooney, Herrera and others, just in case.

But anyway, this is not only about United, but about a new tool I got for my birthday – a SteakChamp steak thermometer that can help you create your perfect steak.

It’s a food thermometer that flashes a led light when your steak is ready according to its inner temperature. This is the set I got, it contains the SteakChamp itself, the red activator, a knife, and spice mix.

steakchamp box
SteakChamp set in a wooden box

Continue reading