What did we eat in London?


Eating out on a holiday is always a hard task with the girls, as they hardly ever agree on what they want to eat (well, that is the situation every time so there was no difference). If one of them need a burger than the other one surely wants pasta. Even if we finally picked a place they can’t find anything suitable on the menu.

This time in London the breakfast was solved as we visited a Prét-á-Manger every morning. When I was in London back in 2000 I loved it, I always had a Tuna sandwich as I can recall. Not it was a bit different but we had a lot of items to choose from in the shop. As it was early morning we chose breakfast things like toasts and Pret’s Hot menu and I have to admit, we were satisfied most of the time.

Dóri loved the toast so she always had that but I tried to find something new and different every time we had something there. So I had a toast and the next morning I had a burger and obviously, I had the leftovers from the girls, too. Just for fun and for not wasting anything.

But no worries! It was all right. I did not even put on weight as we walked a lot during the day. Continue reading


Rump steak in Emile Henry

So, you can always find some bargains in supermarkets – and that’s what happened to me last year on the last day of December. We went for a last shopping before everything is closed, and I realized that quite a lot of different steaks are very cheap.

There were Irish rump steaks and steaks from the States at something like the 20% of the original price. So I bought a lot. Really.

And then I figured that I make one of them in the oven in a glass baking dish, and that was perfect. In fact so perfect, that my wife, who doesn’t really enjoy eating steaks, wanted to have another one the day after.

We couldn’t really do that then, but a week later I thought that I took a step forward, and I used my ceramic dish, the Emile Henry one.

And that time I took some photos, too.

The first one had been a steak from the United States, the second one was an Irish rump steak, and, unfortunately, I couldn’t bring the best out of it. It wasn’t really bad, but it could have been better, really.

I left it in the oven for too long, that was the biggest mistake, so the meat wasn’t that tender, lost mostly the juices, the moist. You can see that on this picture, it is a bit dry.

Probably putting sliced tomato in the dish was not the best idea that time – it lost most of its water and damaged the onion bed under the steak so that wasn’t so tasty either. Anyway, as it was steak on a vegetable bed, I sliced a couple of onions, tomatoes to the bottom of the dish, added “ajo negro” (or black garlic), salt and pepper. And as usual, the steak was covered with that two things, too.

I expected something better, probably the meat was different, too, but still, I shouldn’t have left it in the oven for more than 20 or 30 minutes.

So, be careful with the timing!

FA Cup special edition – steak and new tool in the house

So, tonight it’s FA Cup 4th round time, and United travel to Cambridge for a probably tricky game against the lowest ranked team among the remaining ones.

Well, this is the FA Cup, so you never know when a team bumps into a giant-killer and again, nowadays United quite often have tough games against lower (so-called lower) teams. Cambridge play probably nice physical game with long balls as LVG said on his press conference, and it’s not always the best for us.

That is why I think it should not be Valdes’ debut game – we all remember how DDG started his career at United, and yeah, keepers really need time to adapt to the English game. Anyway, it’s the bosses decision to pick a team, but I share with you my one, and I think it should be a strong team with some players given a chance to impress, given that there’s an eight day gap until our next match vs Leicester.

De Gea

Rojo, Smalling, Jones

Valencia, Januzaj

di Maria, Fellaini, Blind

Falcao, Wilson

Subs: Valdes, Rooney, Herrera and others, just in case.

But anyway, this is not only about United, but about a new tool I got for my birthday – a SteakChamp steak thermometer that can help you create your perfect steak.

It’s a food thermometer that flashes a led light when your steak is ready according to its inner temperature. This is the set I got, it contains the SteakChamp itself, the red activator, a knife, and spice mix.

steakchamp box
SteakChamp set in a wooden box

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First things – steak au poivre and reflection to the beginning of the season

So, yeah, it’s gonna be a reflection to my career as a chef-at-home and David Moyes’ at Manchester United.

It’s steak au poivre this time on the plate and I really feel like it’s like playing Wigan in the Community Shield before the new season begins. I mean it is the one thing you wish for if you start your career at a team, you’ve already had a couple of tries during the summer tour, you are more or less successful, so far.

Exactly, it’s not a big deal, the one thing really important is what you have on the table (and on the pitch). And at that time Moyes could have thought that he had that bunch of players – although we all knew that there were problems in different parts of the team. Anyway, back then there everything looked quite nice, CS won, Wigan nicely beaten, easy job, still time for acquiring new faces.

Ingredients for steak au poivre

And that’s exactly where I am now in my cooking experience – after a nice start this recipe looked quite easy to make – and there were no problems. And I am lucky to have a friend who brings the best meat to Hungary. If you want to buy good quality meat here in Hungary you really have to dig deep – and that is how I found primecuts.hu. I don’t know what I was looking for but I bumped into the website and since that time if I need beef or Irish sausage or cheddar I call Robert, the owner and he delivers. This time I ordered tenderloin from him (among other things). Continue reading

An almost perfect day with poached salmon and Béarnaise sauce

I can cook, I can watch football, later I can watch NFL, I can drink craft beer from the Rizmajer Brewery – and while doing this, I can play different board games with my daughter.

What else do you need? Well, if ManUtd had played today, that would have made this day perfect – but let this be enough for a single Sunday.

The menu is Premier League with Newcastle-Arsenal and Chelsea-Liverpool, and NFL with the Baltimore Ravens fighting for a play-off place. And although the Hungarian channel that airs the NFL matches shows three matches but not the Ravens one – it will be a very good evening to follow.

And although this post is not a Cook&Watch post – I did cook something. My first meeting with salmon and poaching.

Sometime around the kick-off at the Arsenal match I took the salmon steaks from the fridge and started to prepare them for poaching. I used my wok for this as I don’t have a big enough skillet to hold all those three steaks. So I put one litre of water into it and brought it to the boil – only to realize that I forgot the seasoning. Unfortunately I didn’t have vegetable stock at home, so I had to buy vegetable stock cubes from the Tesco – but that did the job, too.

saucepan in work
Saucepan in work for Béarnaise sauce

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