Cobb Barbecue Cooking System – on the way home

So, I’m very excited because I have just ordered one of these beauties.

And this was one of my quickest decisions in my life about a cooking tool.

I happened to visit a Hungarian website, from where I almost bought a smoker which can be used for grilling and barbecuing too – but this time I found a new tool, the SAfire Cooker. That is a portable cooker for grilling and barbecuing meat and other stuff.

A little bit expensive, though, but I found one cheaper on eBay, but then I found another one, the Cobb Premier, and that seems a bit even better then the SAfire.

And as I had some money hidden on PayPal, I decided to buy that. It is said to be a very good cooker, very useful for beginners like me, so I thought that I would use it for practising. And now I’m sitting here excited and waiting 7-10 day to have the box delivered.


My new help in the kitchen – food processor

Oh, yes, I became kind of obsessed with a tool a couple of weeks ago – a food processor. I had always wanted one of them and the time had come then. So, I started to work out which one I needed.

First I thought I was going to buy an Electrolux one, the price was something like €500, and it would have come with a slicer and a meat grinder, with 5-years extra warranty. So, first I figured that I could use this one, so I should buy one.

The Electrolux Assistent

And here came my cautious self, the one that always think everything twice. Or five times. (Anyway, that inner me never turns up when the question is “should I drink that last shot? I’m always alone there, with that little glass of whatever…”) Continue reading