WestBrom – another wasted chance

Once again, the “one step forward, two steps backwards” scenario kicked us in the face – we could have applied some pressure on the top four and even on Tottenham & Arsenal.

Bad decisions before the game (starting XI), some sort of insanity during the game (well, can’t explain Mata’s behavior…), bad in-game management, poor substitutions. I still thought United should win it even with ten men on the pitch, but it wasn’t to be. And everything that had been built in the four games prior to this, was forgotten in a second.

Next up Liverpool, Europa League.

ratings westbrom
Ratings vs West Brom

Back in fourth and gameweek 35

So, here we go again, back in fourth position – and with our problems resurfaced again. You can have the ball for ages if you can’t really create and if you can’t score from the low number of created chances.

When Rooney or the midfielders are on fire, we can win games, but without a prolific striker, that’s hard. Van Persie, Rooney, Falcao they could all do that for us – but not forever and not constantly. Anyway, new week, new battle, this time versus West Brom at home, where we must win, no doubt about that – and hope the others get tricked somehow.

By the way, Villa have almost done it for us at the Etihad Stadium.

OK, let’s see this week’s predictions, picture of my team later.

Matches My prds Luca’s prds Results My pts L’s pts
Aston Villa v Everton 2-1 3-0 3-2 2 1
Chelsea v Crystal Palace 2-0 1-2 1-0 1 0
Hull City v Arsenal 0-1 3-1 1-3 1 0
Leicester City v Newcastle Utd 1-1 0-2 3-0 0 0
Liverpool v QPR 2-0 0-1 2-1 1 0
Manchester Utd v West Brom 2-0 2-1 0-1 0 0
Sunderland v Southampton 1-3 1-3 2-1 0 0
Swansea City v Stoke City 2-0 3-1 2-0 3 2
Tottenham v Manchester City 1-2 2-1 0-1 2 0
West Ham United v Burnley 2-0 3-0 1-0 1 1
Total points this week 11 4
Best points 12 11
Most correct result/week 2 2
Head-to-head bf this week 4 4